LiquidMix Agitators was founded with a single mission; solve customers’ problems for customers who need our help. We will achieve this by surrounding ourselves with people we both respect and trust and who will encourage each other to reach beyond their limits. The quality people we strive to be surrounded by include employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Through continually solving problems and dealing with people with whom we share mutual respect and trust, we are growing into one of the world's leading manufacturer of fluid processing equipment companies. We believe that people are looking for a company that can deliver simple successful solutions that will last and have continued value. It is our belief that if we are to succeed we need to provide customer satisfaction which is the only true measure of our success. We are committed to developing long-term relationships by consistently exceeding expectations and developing practical solutions.

We recognize the importance of meeting our customer’s needs with cost effective and timely solutions that enhance their ability to meet goals.

Featured Products
» Side Entry Mixers
» Top Entry Gear Drive Mixers
» Portable Mixers
» Throttle Bushings
» Lantern Rings
» Shut-off Seal Rings
» Packing Glands
» Impellers
» Shafts

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